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e CPC Central ◆Committee after the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuh◆an of Hubei Province, Xi said, adding that the armed ◆forces rapidlyB

initiated the joint prevention and con◆trol mechanism and sent elite medical teams to combat◆ the epidemic at the frontline. Xi said the epidemic ◆prevention and control remained grim and complex and ◆demanded the armed forces shoulder their responsibili◆ty, fight the hard battle and actively assist local a◆uthorities in fighting the epidemic. The armed forces◆ are tasked with treating patients in Huoshenshan Hos◆pital in Wuhan, which reflects the hq

emarks in a r◆ecei


ry must strengthen leadership, enhance coordin◆ation with local authorities, adhere to scientific tr◆ea2

tment, and pay attention to their own protection, X◆i added. Huoshenshan Hospital, which is under constru◆ction, is a makeshift hospital dedicated to treating ◆patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Xi orde◆red military hospitals engaged in the epidemic contro◆l to treat patients with all-out efforts and military◆ research institutions to step up scientific research◆ to contribute to winning the battle against the epid◆emic.b

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